What Are You Planning To Do After You Retire?

Other than working, what's on the minds of many Canadian as they approach their retirement years?

According to the Harris/Decima survey:

U.S. Economy

This big economic train has been slowing down.It will take time to get it back up to speed.This impact will be felt world wide. It is going take time.

Interest Rates Are Near Historic Lows

Younger Canadian homeowners don't realize how good they have got it, according to the most recent consumer debt survey.  The mistaken perception that current interest rates are the norm or even high may be setting them up for future financial difficulties and suggests their optimism for how soon they will be debt free is misplaced.

Changes to the Canada Pension Plan

Canadians are living longer and healthier lives, and the transition from work to retirement is increasingly diverse.  The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is adapting to better reflect how Canadians choose to live, work, and retire.  The CPP changes resulted from a review of the CPP that federal, provincial and territorial Finance ministers completed in 2009.  Changes will gradually be

My Brain Made Me Do It!

If you're thinking about the 2008 bear market - and the alarm you may have felt as you watched the markets lose value - you may be relieved to know that your reaction was only human.  In fact, there is an entire body of scientific evidence that the human brain tends to respond in fairly predictable ways to moments of extreme stress.  That's why it is so important to have a str

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