Retirement Income

Do you want an investment that can offer predictable, sustainable and potentially increasing retirement income for life?

Whether you're just beginning to think about retirement or you're in the retirement phase of your life, there is a lot to consider:

  • What if you experience poor market returns early in retirement?
  • Will you outlive your retirement income?
  • Will your retirement income keep pace with inflation?


  • Predictable income guaranteed not to decrease no matter how your investments perform
  • Sustainable income that will last for your life time and that of your spouse
  • Guaranteed lifetime income available as early as age 55 with higher payout percentages at older ages if income is deferred
  • Potentially increasing guaranteed income to help keep pace with inflation
  • The flexibility to change your investment or access your savings at any time
  • Tax-efficient income when held in a non-registered contract
  • Benefits that help ensure the smooth transition of your estate

Features and benefits working together to allow you to invest for continued growth while being assured that your savings can provide a predictable stream of guaranteed income for life.

Many Canadians retirement income and lifestyle is fully dependent on the stock market.  This kind of approach has been a wake up call for many Canadians.

Our goal is to ensure that you have a consistent income that will last through your lifetime.

If you are tired of worrying about your investments and are concerned about your future income needs then call today.

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