Doug Deschene

I have been dealing with Garry for 10 years and he has in my opinion led me in the right direction more than once in my financial investments.  His one major concern was just prior to the stock market down turn three years ago.  He had the courtesty to think not only of himself in the investments, but that of his clients, which included myself.  Had he not approached me and suggested his concerns about the market, I would have suffered many thousands of dollars losses by staying with the investments I had.  He kept me from losing a lot of money, and actually made me a profit during that same period.

Garry and staff are very courteous and prompt as well as firm in keeping you abreast of your investments every quarter and keeping us up to date of new happenings with his mailings on a regular basis.

I have recommended Garry to others who are also totally pleased.

My hat goes off to both Garry and Linda.

Doug Deschene
Aldergrove, BC
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